Steve Edwards Chief Executive of NARPO news explains why his members magazine is so important

By Emma posted June 29th, 2017

Steve Edwards2We catch up with Steve Edwards Chief Executive of NARPO news, a member’s only magazine for retired police officers. Steve highlights why their printed magazine is so important to the membership and explains why print will always be a preferred method of communication for their membership well into the future.

Why is it important to your members that NARPO news is a printed magazine? 

NARPO News is our most valuable line of communication with our members and is delivered direct to over 88,500 member’s home addresses each quarter. The magazine contains useful information together with some excellent member benefits that are extremely popular with our members. If we want our members to know something, NARPO News is the best vehicle to ensure the message gets to as many members as possible.

What do you really think of social media?

Social Media is an ever increasing medium of communication and can be useful in disseminating targeted information to members, but a large proportion of our members do not use social media and the best way of reaching out to our members is via our quarterly magazine NARPO News. 

In your view will you continue to use printed material as a form of communication to your membership?

For the foreseeable future we will continue to use printed material to communicate with our members to ensure we get our messages across to as many members as possible.

Do you see ‘print’ retaining the same importance to your members in 5 and 10 years as it does today?

Print will continue to be a very important media medium for NARPO well into the future certainly for the next 5 – 10 years.

And finally what is your favourite quote?

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.

Abraham Lincoln

Nine-Colour RMGT Perfector Press

By Emma posted May 31st, 2017

Press ShotWe’re proud to announce our latest investment for an RMGT (Mitsubishi) 1050 Tandem Perfector press. This investment will enhance our sheet-fed printing capabilities and offer a number of spectacular print finishes for our customers. The Mitsubishi 1050 Tandem perfector press will increase efficiency by allowing special finishes to be applied in one pass.

The machine features nine printing units in a 4-over-5 configuration, built in the unique tandem perfector arrangement, complete with chamber coater unit and an extended delivery.

The 4-over-5 configuration, supported by a coating unit, provides a full UV drying system, with both inter-unit and after coater curing lamps. It allows for such techniques as drip off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks, and flood UV in one pass.

It is the only press of this configuration and specification in Europe and offers us the opportunity to stand out in the magazine covers sector.

Installation is on schedule and will take place later on this year in August. Our new press will join a Heidelberg SM10P sheet-fed machine and Komori and Manroland web presses and this latest investment is valued at over £2.7 million.

To find out more contact our sales team on 01952 585585

Picture shown was taken in May in Japan by the Senior Leadership Team before it makes its journey to the UK.

Charities support from PCP of Telford …

By Emma posted May 30th, 2017

CHARITYTwo charities in Shropshire are set to benefit after being selected for continued support by staff of long-standing firm Precision Colour Printing of Telford.

The Halesfield company’s employee communication forum team, consisting of staff who represent the views of the workforce, has chosen the Midlands Air Ambulance and Home Start of Telford as their chosen charities for this year.

Staff and management of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce patron firm will take part in several sponsored events over the coming months, including a cycle challenge, barbeque, fashion show, Santa Run and a Wimbledon-themed strawberry and cream tea.

PCP marketing manager, Emma Ball, said: “We are delighted that our staff have chosen these very worthwhile county charities for the year and now look forward to raising valuable funds for both of them.

“Following a visit to the Midlands Air Ambulance base at RAF Cosford, it was interesting to hear from fundraisers just how much they really depend on the on-going support of the general public and businesses to carry out their vital work, so we are very happy to help in this small way.”

Maria Jones, Shropshire fundraiser for the MAA, commented: “It costs over £7 million pounds to keep our helicopters in the air each year and fantastic support from companies such as PCP is essential to its continued service, as we get no government or lottery funding, so we are very appreciative indeed.”

Home Start Telford & Wrekin is a charity providing help to vulnerable families with young children who are experiencing difficulty or crisis and fundraising manager Julia Allinson, added: “We are very grateful to PCP for helping us to raise the profile of the work we do locally by raising funds to support families in their time of need.”

Getting ready for our new arrival

By Emma posted May 16th, 2017

Image for website storyIt’s an exciting time at PCP with the building work well under way to extend the sheet fed capacity on Site 1.

Having purchased a new RMGT (Mitsubishi) 1050 Tandem Perfector press to enhance our sheet-fed printing capabilities more floor space was needed.

Andy Millington, Maintenance Manager gives us an update;

“Work to site 1 started at the end of January and was planned for 158 days with a completion date for the project set for 1st September 2017.

“Work began with demolishing the existing fascia, erecting steelworks and completing brickwork for the new fascia, which is now near completion.

“The next phase will be to lay the concrete floor slab, which should be completed by around the end of May and will be followed by finishing of the roof, fascia cladding and adding drainage. Final snagging will then take place ready for handover at around the beginning of June. Once the builder has finished the floor it will be epoxy coated and a number of press services installed prior to the arrival of the press. A new RO unit and new ink system are also being included within the project.

The press is currently at the final build stage in Japan and will be delivered to site on 24th July 2017. We are all very excited about the developments at PCP and the opportunities this new press will bring.”

Alex Evans, Managing Director adds;

“Any press investment is a critical decision for a printer. We wanted to make sure we made the right one. Having made the decision to purchase the Mitsubishi, we are now looking forward to the installation of a very exciting press – we believe that this new machine is unique in our market, and will allow us to provide a whole range of new and exciting products for our customer portfolio. The 4-over-5 configuration, supported by a coating unit, will provide a full UV drying system, with both inter-unit and after coater curing lamps. It will allow for such techniques as drip off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks, and flood UV in one pass. It is the only press of this configuration and specification in Europe and offers PCP a major opportunity to stand out in the magazine covers sector.”


Brett Walker at Image Publications answers questions on the importance of Printed Media and why they use PCP

By Emma posted April 28th, 2017

IMAGE magWith Digital technology at the forefront of everyone’s day to day life how important is printed media to you?


Printed Media remains very important. While Digital technology continues to grow, print remains vital to securing revenue from advertising. One of our publications, in advertising revenue is up 8% (2015-2016). While another of our publication’s ABC circulation figure is up 5.8% 2015 – 2016, which represents that not only are advertisers still enjoying their product in print, the consumer is still enjoying buying the printed product. However, including digital into the mix, the importance in print is that it offers an additional tool to secure partnerships and vice versa. While digital may create its own revenue, print revenue remains a vital cog in our business


Do you think print media captures its audience in the same way digital technology seems to?


Digital perhaps captures a broader spectrum of an audience whereas print captures the bona fide audience which is actually interested in the product/industry. There’s a huge difference to someone actually purchasing a magazine to someone browsing the web and clicking through a website. In that context – the magazine purchaser is definitely an interested audience. It is vitally important to our advertisers that we hit this captive market for their product to be seen by the right potential customers.


Where do you think Printed Media will be in 10 years time?


Print will still be around in 10 years time. I suspect it will flatten out and quite possibly be on a decline, but it will be worked in close conjunction with digital to create one product which has print and digital elements.


Do you think special finishes and different printing techniques add value and a more luxurious feel to a printed product will be attractive to more specialist publishers focussing on niche hobbies and products?


Certainly. Not only in the niches though, there is something about holding a quality magazine in your hands and flicking through it. From the feel of it, the smell of it and especially the look of if it can give anyone a ‘feel good’ moment. There are definitely opportunities for niches to create a super product to match their industry.


And finally why do you choose PCP as a printer?


As well as value, we receive efficient, innovative quality work that we can depend on. From Peter in Estimates to James in Commercial through to the final product produced, PCP is as passionate about print as we are.