Positive change through Total Productive Maintenance

By Emma posted February 22nd, 2018

Knife Change SMED Team photoTotal Productive Maintenance was introduced at PCP in late 2016 and since it’s successful introduction the business has seen significant improvements in the condition of the presses; contributed towards a 20% reduction in unplanned downtime.

During June and July last year teams took part in a number of workshops where they identified areas for improvement and agreed on best practices for reducing paper waste on their press.

Paper is one of the business’s biggest costs and reductions in paper waste can therefore result in significant cost savings.

By September 2017 we had seen a 30% reduction in paper waste compared to its average waste rate for 2016 and we have seen further improvements during the last 3 months of 2017.

Sustaining these improvements will result in cost savings and the exercise has further demonstrated the power of getting teams together that run the machine to solve a problem.

This year we will continue to further refine the programme on different presses and our ancillary equipment, with our main area of focus in stitching. We will look at reducing Make Ready times using an improvement technique known as Single Minute Exchange of Dies or SMED. The SMED technique identifies and eliminates time wasted looking for tools, parts and materials and generates ideas for streamlining tasks by modifying equipment.

Photo from left to right: Tomasz Dudzinski Deputy Team Leader Bindery, Wayne Wildridge Team Leader Bindery, Nick Ashen Team Leader Bindery and Sean Barratt – Stitching Technical Support Operator taken during the Knife Change SMED workshop.

Head Of Operations Adam Walker has been promoted to Operations Director

By Emma posted February 15th, 2018

Landscape slight smileFrom Tuesday 6th February Adam was appointed to the Board of Precision Colour Printing as Operations Director where he will be ultimately responsible for the operational running of the business.

Adam was first appointed as Head of Operations in November 2014 and has since been instrumental in developing the business with operational efficiencies as well as facilitating the Total Productive Maintenance Programme.

Adam said the appointment was a great honour and he was delighted to accept the new role:

“I would like to thank the team and the employees that I am fortunate to work with, as it is them who have driven the positive changes over the past 3 years. It is great to see the high number of operators involved in personal development programs which are supported by PCP as it shows commitment to the employees and the future of the business. PCP enjoys continued support from Claverley and I look forward to an exciting and positive future.”

Alex Evans, Managing Director comments:

“Adam’s appointment is richly deserved in view of the significant progress the company has made operationally in staff development and production efficiencies in challenging times within the web offset sector.

“Adam is a valued member of the Senior Leadership Team and I look forward to working with Adam in the future in continuing to grow the business strengthening our position in the market.”

Photo credit: Ray Schram.

Strength in Partnerships

By Emma posted February 8th, 2018

Murray, Alex and Mark FINALPrecision Colour Printing not only receives testimonials from our customers, but from time to time we receive great feedback from our suppliers too.

Mark Stribley, Joint Managing Director of MPL, UK distributors of RMGT B1 presses says:

“We were delighted that Alex and his team at PCP selected our RMGT product for their latest print project, teaming up with MPL as a supplier of choice.

The thorough and professional evaluation of our press was extremely impressive.

The specialists at PCP have been a pleasure to work with since their selection of our equipment, and we have been delighted with the smooth installation of the new press. This has been due to the expertise and knowledge of the PCP team and exceptional performance of our installation personnel, but largely because of the good communication between the two parties.

The 24/7 production of a business like PCP requires the reliability and peace of mind that can only be offered by RMGT equipment, but it also needs high quality press operators to provide special, top quality print results.

It has been particularly exciting for us to establish a high quality partnership with PCP, as exampled by the MPL sponsored room in Telford – a facility where we are able to bring potential press users to show them a perfect example of printer and supplier working together in harmony.”

Pictured from left to right: Murray Lock Joint Managing Director of MPL, Alex Evans Managing Director of Precision Colour Printing and Mark Stribley Joint Managing Director of MPL.


Working at PCP

By Emma posted January 26th, 2018

Pete 26.01.18

Pete Fulgoni joined PCP in 2004 and is the Customer Service Team Leader. He shares his thoughts and views on why he enjoys working at PCP.

Why do you enjoy working at PCP?

I enjoy the fact that all employees at PCP work as a team. There is a great relationship between departments and everyone integrates well.

What do you enjoy most about working in Customer service?

I like to chat to customers to help with projects and it gives me satisfaction when we are able to find a solution to resolve an issue that the customer is having.

What are the challenges in your job?

Sometimes we have to advise customers and help them understand why something is not possible to achieve.

What are you proud of?

The feedback the customer service team receives from the customer satisfaction calls that take place.

A reputation for delivering value

By Emma posted January 10th, 2018

NEvans01Emma Ball Marketing Manager, interviews Nick Evans, Commercial Director at PCP about the most recent investments and what in his opinion sets PCP apart from it’s competitors.

Nick, tell us about PCP and its most recent investments?

PCP has been around since 1979 and form part of the Claverley Group, a portfolio of media companies in the UK and the Channel Islands. Still privately owned and turning over in excess of £38 million we are one of the strongest, if not the strongest printer in the UK. In my opinion there are few businesses in print as respected and established as PCP and our continual investment programme clearly demonstrates that we are in this for the long run.

With our future minded approach we recently invested over £2.3 million in an RMGT 9 unit UV sheetfed press that is capable of printing and applying special finishes in one pass. This in turn saves time and therefore money. It also comes with the added control over the quality; something that few competitors might offer.

Why should publishers choose PCP over its competitors?

The relationship; it’s all down to building relationships; our customers view PCP as a partner not just a supplier that provides a commodity item. Customers call up wanting to do something and we help them make that decision, because we’re considered as having the expertise and knowledge to advise and test a project or idea. Whether it’s to discuss alternative paper options to reduce costs or special finishes to add value, the sales and customer service team will always suggest the best options available. It is this approach coupled with our continual commitment to investment that makes PCP the printer of choice.